Hi, and welcome to my blog! I am a teacher in Malaysia, teaching students from all grade levels: from primary school to high school, and even tutor college level students. My main areas of expertise are mathematics and physics, however, there are many general academic rules that apply to students across the academia spectrum.

The reason why I made this blog, and continue to regularly update it, is due to the fact that many students regularly struggle with the basic aspects of academia. Now, I can pass on this knowledge to my own students in my classes, however, this has a very small outreach!

Now we all know that mathematics and physics are notoriously hard subjects, especially in Malaysia, where students are expected to grasp concepts that many students around the world do not learn many years later. As such, I will be providing math and physics questions that apply to many different examinations across the world. For example, my blog hosts many notoriously difficult A-level questions and answers for UK students. My blog also has a question and answer for high school level students in America.

Due to such variances between countries, I have sectioned my blog into various sub sections that you can find on the side. My blog will also have regular guest posts by experts in the subject field that they will be writing about, and I hope you look forward to the various guest posts. Answers to exams will go live within a few hours of them taking place.