Top 10 Books For Math Homework

As a Malaysian math teacher, I have had to teach an extremely hard curriculum set by the Malaysian government. As such, I have had to rely on some of the best math homework textbooks to aid students in their understanding of the concepts that have been learned in the classroom, as well as help students and their parents with the homework. These recommendations are extremely valuable, no matter where in the world you reside. After all, math does not change across borders!

I will split this article up into three main sections, and will recommend the best books for certain age groups. I will ensure that all the books are easily available online for you to order and are not hard to find. Most of my selections should be available on Amazon.

Primary Education

Primary education is a very early time in a student’s academic life. As such, it is vital that you give them clear math books to ignite a passion for the subject within them, as well as make their understanding of the subject as easy as possible.

Collins KS1 Revision

This is an excellent book with many worked problems to get students ready for the SAT exams in the UK. There are clear solutions available to all the answers. It can definitely be suitable for children anywhere in the world.

CGP Key Stage One

The CGP books are a great addition to any student’s learning collection. These books explain concepts in a witty fashion that children in primary education can resonate with.

CGP Key Stage One SATs Practice Papers

CGP makes this list again with these excellent practice papers. The answers are thoroughly explained and detailed.

Secondary Education

Secondary level mathematics can become quite complicated, however, these books will help students very well in understanding the harder concepts.

100 Math Brainteasers (Grade 7,8,9,10)

These brainteasers are an excellent way of getting yourself accustomed to the mathematical concepts you will be coming across during your secondary level education.

Challenge Math for the Elementary and Middle School Student

This book is very highly rated on amazon, and rightly so. Will provide students with challenging questions and explanation of hard to understand concepts.

Hard Math for Middle School

This book presents harder questions than are normally expected to be asked from students in middle school. Basically, if a student can master this book, then passing middle school will be a breeze. It is also a very useful teaching guide for me.

High School

Math at the high school level can become extremely convoluted, and many students struggle at this level. As such, it is very handy to have a good math book for guidance, as class notes may not always come in use.

Edexcel A level maths: Year 1

An excellent book for students, as it explains hard mathematical concepts in an easy to understand way. This book also includes many questions and answers.

Edexcel A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics Year 2

This compliments the first book very nicely, and is a must if you choose to go with the previous choice.

There are two more excellent books to answer your question of ‘which book is best to help do my math homework?’, and they are:

  • AS-level Maths OCR MEI
  • CGP AS-level Maths Edexcel Complete Revision and Practice

Alongside these books, you can also find great homework help online through my blog.

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